Yesterday, I turned 29, and my 30th year has officially begun. I feel pretty optimistic about this list and am confident that I'm gonna crush this year.
  1. Successfully maintain my current (newish) athletic routine.
    Walking to work, walking anywhere that's under 1.5 miles away, swimming once a week, tennis >twice a week, yoga >twice a week.
  2. Get a bike. Ride my bike more than once a week.
  3. Have a location locked down (mortgage acquired, property purchased) for The Gold Nugget.
    Alternatively, working at my boss' consulting group with new openings under my belt - with Nugget still significantly underway.
  4. Make enough money to be able to set some aside for savings every month.
    More than $75. And more than a beer stein filled with $1 bills and a Stormtrooper piggy bank. This is what happens when you take pay cuts to work your "dream job" multiple times in a row.
  5. Go to Thailand/learn basic Thai.
    With Annie (one of our Thai owners). She and the women in the kitchen are slowly teaching me the language and subsequently giggling at my pronunciation and obsessive repetition of each word/phrase. But their Thai nickname for me is "Jasmine," so I don't mind.
  6. Establish and stick to a "life" for myself.
    Specifically, a series of routines that make up my day to day, regardless of whether I do them with people, or by myself. I'll write a list soon explaining this idea in greater detail, but it's really just about increasing self-sufficiency and self-care.
  7. Make my house my house.
    All of my mother's things gone, all my artwork up, the office functional, the home bar built, the garden finished.
  8. Get a real credit card.
    I fucked up my credit years ago and have been slowly rebuilding with a "starter" card because I'm afraid of having the ability to spend more money than I actually have. Once I get a large credit line, I want to be comfortable using it appropriately.
  9. Own a really expensive purse.
    I never have before. It's an arbitrary rite of passage (to me, at least).
  10. Read 20 new books.
    This doesn't seem like much, but I am a hopeless re-reader and need to branch out.
  11. Go on a trip by myself.
    Specifically, somewhere I am unfamiliar with where I don't know anyone (i.e. not Idyllwild). I'd just love to take the train and spend at least three days, preferably more, exploring a new place and enjoying myself.
  12. Become a KCRW Angel.
    I currently donate $10/month and I'd like to donate at least $32. Additionally, I want to remember to use my frickin' Fringe Benefits card which would basically pay for my membership. Come on, Trumbo. There's even an app.
  13. Finish Rebreather's second EP.
    At this point, we just need to finish our first EP. Yeesh.
  14. Join the board of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation.
    This is where I went to high school and summer camp. My mother, father, and brother have gone to the camp many, many times; my mother went starting in 1967, and my brother continues to teach a one week crafts class for family camp every summer. Both my parents are on the board (my mother retired as board president 2 years ago after 10 years and has a street named after her on campus), and we have a house up there. It's a magical place and I want to continue to be a part of it!
  15. I want to edit at least one of my novels and let someone read it.
    I've participated in National Novel Writing Month 4 times now, and have never once gone back to polish a novel after finishing it. I have those 4 plus 2 others, plus hours and hours of short stories, screenplays, essays, plays, what have you. And no one has read any of it. Some of its gotta be pretty good, right?
  16. Perform on a stage - NOT karaoke.
    I have friends with weekly residencies that have invited me to sing with them and I just haven't gotten up the nerve to take them up on it. I haven't sung in front of people with a band in 7 years. That needs to change.
  17. Get LASIK surgery.
  18. Brew beer with my brother.
    My friends and I made a home brew years ago, and I'd like to brew another. Our secret pipe dream: Raibo Brewing.
  19. Perform stand-up at an open-mic.
    I don't want to be a comedian. At all. I just think it would be a really brave and fun exercise. I'm terrified just thinking about it, but I have plenty of stories to tell and even though it'll be embarrassingly awful, I'll be proud that I did it!
  20. Go camping.
    I used to camp all the time and I haven't since I broke up with my ex two years ago. I sold all my gear when we got together because he had nicer stuff, but I can always rent what I don't have. I love camping.
  21. Get my calves tattooed.
    A flamingo on the left and a bird of paradise on the right.
  22. Finish the novel I want to start on now (not for NaNoWriMo).
    I love the idea and I don't want to wait to write it.
  23. Fly to NYC for my best friend's 30th.
    This is a bit of a throwaway because it's happening no question, but it's something that is important to both of us so here it is.
  24. Not have been in a relationship I didn't want to be in 100%.
    This isn't in character for me, but I've evolved and grown so much these past two years that I don't want to give up being solo unless it's... Aggressively right. If that makes sense. I love being single, and not in the screwing around kind of way. You've got to be pretty special for me to make that kind of a change.
  25. Bring crazy out-of-this-world baked goods to @list HQ (suck it, @Waz)
    Additionally, smoke weed with @jeremysomething.
  26. Cook more.
    My brother cooks for me all the time, and I've just gotten lazy. I also have this fantastic juicer and have barely used it since I moved back to Silverlake.
  27. Stop eating things that I know will make me poop funny.
  28. Craft my way through all the yarn and fabric that has accumulated over the years.
    I used to knit and sew on the regular. Add to this: make alterations/repairs on all the clothing that's been sitting in a box in storage for an embarrassing amount of time.
  29. Submit an audition for my dad and I for The Amazing Race.
    We would win.
  30. Be happy.