A large part of my professional life revolves around beer. Also my personal life (duh). Here are a few things I have at home that I'm psyched about/might need a buddy to share with.
  1. Grapefruit Sculpin
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    Grapefruit IPA / Ballast Point, Trader Joe's. Starting off with some every day kinda stuff. Well, not every day, maybe once a week. Shit's delicious.
  2. Oak Aged Bretta
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    Farmhouse ale / Logsdon, going away present from my ex-work husband
  3. (Limited Edition) aged in 1) Armagnac barrels and 2) Bruichladdich scotch barrels
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    Belgian Blonds / Hof Ten Dormaal, also presents from the ex-work husband
  4. Sixth Glass
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    Quadrupel / Boulevard Brewing (Smokestack Series), Vendome. Love these guys. Brewing hero.
  5. STICKEE MONKEE (2015, bottle #2!!!)!!!!
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    Quad / Firestone Walker, birthday gift from our Firestone rep. Really don't know when the hell in going to find an occasion to drink this. And a person deserving of this fucking crazy good beer. A person, I'm not drinking less than half of this bottle. Out of my Firestone goblets.
  6. Gonna cap it at 5 (technically 6) and post more selections every so often. Any LA beer geeks out there, feel free to drool and perhaps befriend me so I will share.
    And then you can share YOUR goodies. With me.