Here are some hints, although I'm really pretty easy! 🎁🎀
  1. Gag gifts
    Always appropriate.
  2. A stuffed animal maybe?
    I used to have a bunch, now I don't. Maybe from your hometown, that seems to be a nice trend on these wish-lists!
  3. Costumey stuff
    Gaudy jewelry, wigs, hats, what have you. I'm eccentric! Ah! Funky false eyelashes!
  4. A book
    One you love. Maybe your old copy that's worn, wrinkled, chewed up, and written on? Coffee/tea stains a plus!
  5. Jam!
    Homemade jam is super easy and you can put all kinda of weird funky shit in it!
  6. Music a.
    Vinyl! Grab bag of $1 used vinyl from wherever is always something fun!
  7. Music b.
    A mixtape! Very popular choice. Your favorite stuff!
  8. Music c.
    A mixtape! Comprised of music from your collection based on what you think I'd like from my lists!
  9. Weird things.
    I'm a queer sort of gal and I like oddball things. If they tickle you, they'll probably tickle me too!
  10. Alcohol
    Brown liquor, beer, or wine is always welcome!
  11. I'm hard to shock or offend,
    So don't feel the need to be delicate.
  12. Please include a letter!
    If I like you, I might even write back!
  13. Honestly...
    Anything. This is just such a sweet idea.
  14. Ok! 💙