Service is important, making people feel special and welcomed. I like to think I'm especially good at that part of my job. Work aside, I always end up developing real friendships with certain regulars. Regardless, it was surprising and touching to receive these tokens sending me off to bigger and better things.
  1. This from Justin, aka "Ol' bag o' meat."
    From Taylor's, an incredible butcher shop in Sierra Madre.
  2. Two prime rib steaks, also from Taylor's, also from Justin.
  3. From Carney, who also got me "Loud Quiet Loud," the Pixies documentary.
  4. Cookies and S'more brownies from (and this is her real birth name) Princess Falls.
  5. This wasn't even from regulars - this couple came in on Friday (my second to last night) and we just clicked like crazy. They own the scent shop next door, ran over, and brought me a candle.
  6. A $38 candle that smells like the ocean and sunscreen.
  7. This is from Sam, who took me to see Force Awakens a day early.
  8. He also made me napkin roses THAT SMELLED LIKE ROSES.
    They were fucking with me somehow, the napkins weren't scented beforehand and his hands didn't smell, but when rolled up, they smelled. It was devil magic.
  9. I love these people.
  10. I'm gonna miss them.