I'm a day late because I'm an asshole and don't deserve your love or forgiveness, @mchelle!!! And thanks @lesbian for putting this together!
  1. I'd like to raise a glass:
  2. Here's to you being a TV writer!
  3. Here's to friendly clientele who tip generously with paper money!
  4. Here's to Matt Bomer suddenly leaving his husband and kicking down your door to make sweet, sweet, nasty love to you!
  5. Here's to you pulling off the mother of all pranks, causing Jim Halpert to give you his prank crown!
  6. Here's to discovering boat loads of new music on Spotify to make your heart soar!
  7. Here's to you finding the ultimate sandwich of weird-ass food combos and writing a list about it to make all your followers turn green!
  8. Here's to Netflix Canada getting their shit together and giving you your sweet, sweet shows!
  9. Here's to the liberation of breasts from bras! You're an inspiration!
  10. Here's to Frank Ocean's album dropping and being hand-delivered to your door with a personal note apologizing for the delay and any difficulty he caused you!
    Also, here's to the album being really fucking great!
  11. Here's to you unearthing juice recipes that won't make your wrinkle your nose in disgust!
    They exist, I swear! Check out the Juice Bible!
  12. Here's to your awesome trending list that I liked before I followed you or knew how awesome you are!
    Oh wait, there was another one I liked! Two lists!!
  13. Here's to you not liking the Beatles,
    and me not hating your for it because you're awesome yay let's just not talk about it ok moving on!
  14. Here's to you staying warm and safe up in Toronto!
    Sending you bursts of sunshine from (fucking hot) LA right now!
  15. Basically,
  16. You clever, beautiful, funny, kinda dark lady,
  17. Here's to you!
  18. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!