Was this person born blind? Or were they blinded later in life? Using all senses, here. Inspired by @ListPrompts.
  1. I'm exceptionally long of limb.
  2. My fingers are like spider's legs.
  3. My eyes are like blown glass.
    Smooth marbles with slight, almost imperceptible grooves where the colors meet.
  4. My elbows are rough.
    Years of leaning across the bar has left them forever calloused.
  5. I am heavily adorned with ink.
    You can feel all lot of it if you run your fingers across my skin. Especially when it's hot.
  6. My skin is soft, but prone to goosebumps.
  7. I have a long neck.
  8. I often smell of baked goods.
  9. I'm either very colorful, or very dark.
    Typically not in the middle.
  10. My lips are often chapped.
  11. Sometimes my pinky toenails fall off.
    When I'm running a lot. They always grow back.
  12. I have elf ears and crooked front teeth.
  13. I've got great boobs.