As an environmentally conscientious CA native, here are some helpful H2O saving guidelines.
  1. 💛🚽💩⬇️
    "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down."
  2. Don't rinse and repeat.
    This is amateur hour shit. They only want you to buy more shampoo.
  3. Don't do dishes.
    That fork's just gonna go back in your mouth, buddy.
  4. Avoid washing your hands.
    1) anti-bacterial soap will kill your immune system and bring about the zombie apocalypse. 2) it's really not that hard to not get pee on your hand. Be an adult.
  5. Limit showers to once a week.
    Invest in heavy aerosol deodorant.
  6. Alternatively, keep your bathtub full of water. Bathe and reuse.
    It's gonna have all the soap from yesterday's bath, so in reality the water gets cleaner with each use!
  7. Don't give your animals water.
    Less dog walking/emptying the cat box. Everybody wins!
  8. Don't drink water.
    Milk, juice, wine. Soda, coffee, and beer are acceptable, tea is pushing the envelope.
  9. Lake water is ok.
    Algae is probably definitely super good for you.
  10. Ocean water is ok.
    Yeah... fish pee in it, but so do you. Don't lie.
  11. Swim in an empty pool.
    No brainer, this one. The MOST fun.