Among other things.
  1. I opened my eyes and attempted to roll over,
    But my vibrator was wedged between my legs so I couldn't.
  2. The cord was all tangled in my onesie.
  3. Don't remember using that last night.
  4. I sat up and opened my computer:
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    This is what I saw.
  5. Don't remember buying that last night.
  6. That doesn't even look like a great product.
    Didn't I do any comparison shopping?
  7. There are some other very odd purchases.
  8. I found about 30 photos documenting the opening of my mystery box.
  9. Kinda remember doing that last night?
  10. So I made a list about it.
  11. I also found this list in my drafts.
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  12. Should I post it?
  13. Without looking at it first?
  14. What do you think?