Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I would have made more out of my summer in Paris,
    And not been so afraid and self-conscious. I would have enjoyed it like the adventure it was.
  2. I would never have broken up with Sean in 9th grade,
    Because I was scared that I hadn't had my first kiss yet, and I'd be bad at it.
  3. I wouldn't have gone to that party when I was 15,
    Where I had cocaine for the first time.
  4. I would have gone to ISOMATA earlier than just my senior year.
    I needed to get away from Marlborough sooner, it was toxic. And only one year at an arts boarding school juggling academic classes, arts classes, rehearsals, homework, and college applications was a shock. I could have used another year or two of time management training.
  5. There are a million things.
  6. But,
  7. If I'd done them differently,
  8. I wouldn't be here.
  9. And I like here.
  10. 💙