@emilyannlosey @erikaaa and I had 1 or 4 rounds of drinks at Hermosillo in Highland Park, and delightful bonding ensued.
  1. Of course, I had to DM (list request) both of them about being nearby and nervous.
    And that I was wearing red pants.
  2. Big hugs all around!
  3. So happy to connect with these babes in person!
  4. We got to know each other,
    They went to high school together, and we are all cultishly into @list. Yeah, it's like Cross Fit meets Scientology.
  5. Honestly, meeting two completely rational adult women who are gushing about this makes me feel much less weird about how much I love it.
    As a (this is not a joke) rational adult woman.
  6. People we mentioned by (first) name - like we were all mutual friends:
  7. Emily reached #1 trending list today!
  8. Emily and I had two weak high 5s,
    But the 3rd one was 💥.
  9. We're going to get brunch tomorrow.
  10. And go to Disneyland soon.
  11. Emily and I aren't getting it. Erika is getting it.
    Not mad about it. Kudos where kudos is due.
  12. We all got girly about crushes.
  13. We cannot wait for Caroline to get into town and to have a big meet up in LA!
  14. ***addendum: when I say first name, I mean: "yeah, I'm so excited for when Caroline gets into town." "Me too!" No further explanation needed. No @ anyone. For clarification.
  15. Emily and I made "list logos" so Anna would know who we are.
    Suggested by   @erikaaa
  16. Anna took her jacket off and I immediately got intimidated by her cool ass tattoos.
    Suggested by   @erikaaa
  17. Honestly tho, like, happiest moment of my year.
    Suggested by   @emilyannlosey
  18. Crap. Forgot @DanaDigsYou and @tombatten. We definitely talked about you two, too 😘