(Inspired by a French cartoonist whose name I can't remember)
  1. #prayforparis is a really wonderful sentiment.
  2. But these were religiously motivated attacks.
  3. Maybe we don't need more religion,
  4. Maybe we need more love.
  5. Maybe we need to celebrate life.
  6. Maybe we need to be defiant in our refusal to give in to death and hate and fear.
  7. For Paris, for Kenya, for Israel, for Palestine, for Beirut, for Syria, for us.
  8. For the world.
  9. I hope everyone's prayers are heard,
    But I am not a person who prays.
  10. I will love and live and laugh and weep and grieve and sing for humanity.
  11. Fuck hatred. I choose love.
  12. 🌎🌍🌏