A follow up to this list: MAMA'S GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW. This is long and exhaustive (I got a little excited, duh), so feel free to skim. It is pretty freaking adorable though!
  1. Master chef @MrRai at work.
    I think the reason I'm not a better cook than I am now is because I've resigned myself to him just being the best at anything culinary always.
  2. Corsage for the bride, boutonnières for the "bridesmaids" (meaning, the other four ladies in attendance)
  3. The garter our friend Kelli made morning of, at my insistence.
    Seriously, how was this overlooked?
  4. My mother sets an exquisite table.
    A lost art, really. My brother and I are pretty sharp as a team, though.
  5. Place settings (the hearts in the bags read: "Faith & Billy," "I do," and "2.14.16.")
  6. And the flowers...
  7. So many flowers.
  8. They weren't entirely sure who sent these.
    The whole house smelled amazing.
  9. There was a cupcake carousel.
    And when they wouldn't stand up straight, she set them on a bed of Valentine's Day M&Ms.
  10. Kelli whipped up some vegan cupcakes for Billy, who doesn't eat dairy, eggs, or sugar.
    She even crocheted the heart...
  11. The mantle, filled with wedding goodie bags.
  12. And these fucking things. Holy shit.
  13. Tiger Lily, who gave zero fucks.
    She waltzed right up and nuzzled mama's legs in the middle of Billy's vows. Just another day in the life of a spoiled, chubby kitty.
  14. The beautiful bride primping.
  15. Family assembled.
    They wrote their own vows.
  16. "I will stay up late and talk to you every night. And then, we will turn the lights out and realize how much we love being together."
  17. "I love you."
  18. (Now the judge is tearing up.)
  19. "I will treasure this marriage as a gift."
  20. "Billy, please never stop being my husband."
  21. My new family!
    Aren't we gorgeous?
  22. The happy couple.
  23. Ugh.
  24. How cute is that????
  25. A ginger beer toast!
  26. Official!
  27. Ok now food.
    Plenty of tasty vegan options, of course.
  28. French onion dip and Ruffles: this is where I hung out all night.
    Not going to subject you to all the food photos, suffice it to say, we did not go hungry.
  29. Wouldn't be complete without the glorious hats!
  30. Faith,
  31. And Billy.
  32. That was the most romantic, simple, and perfect wedding I have ever attended (and ever will, I'm sure).
  33. I love you both so much, and my heart sings when I think of the happiness you bring to each other.
  34. 💙