Thursday night was her "bachelorette party" (AKA dinner with me and three of her best friends at Taix). We had lunch and spent the afternoon hanging out and getting ready.
  1. You may recall these shoes from a previous list of mine.
  2. The headwear my mother and I will be wearing on the big day.
    She ordered the red one for me but when they arrived, decided she liked mine better. She's the bride, she gets what she wants!
  3. Pregame: check.
  4. Help mama wrap party favors: check.
  5. Eye makeup: check.
  6. Final check: check.
  7. The crew pt. 1
    Mo and Kathy
  8. The crew pt. 2
  9. Moi
  10. Did my mother get lingerie from one of her friends?
  11. Yes. Yes she did.
  12. Lady gifts from the lady we all love.
  13. Today we all got mani-pedis, even the boys!
    Step-brudder on the left, brudder on the right.
  14. They match my wedding shoes...
  15. I'm just so fucking excited for tomorrow, people.
  16. Love, man.... Love.
  17. 😍