Inspired by @mackenzieo
  1. The first time I felt like I was a good big sister.
  2. Singing Stravinsky at Walt Disney Concert Hall.
  3. Singing Sarah Brown Eyes in the bathtub with Jim.
    Do we still talk to Jim? No, we do not. Do we love this memory? Unreservedly.
  4. Seeing the nighttime LA sprawl at the end my flight home after my first (painful) semester in Boston.
  5. When I spotted downtown from the freeway at the end of my cross country trip, bringing me home to LA permanently.
  6. The full family group hug right after mama got engaged.
    Mom, dad (not my mother's fiancée, by the way), brother, sister. We talked about how happy/lucky we are to all be a family, and to always be a family even when things change. There was an alarming amount of tears.