Requested by @ladyprofessor. A glimpse into my love of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
  1. Man... This just seems so ingrained.
    Like being born a brunette. I brush my teeth, I go to school, I love the Beatles.
  2. Shining Time Station was one of my PBS shows of choice during my formative Beatles listening days.
    Ringo was a delight!
  3. There is a song called "Anna"
    It's a cover, but I like this one better. And it appeals to my boundless vanity.
  4. My parents had a huge influence on the music I listened to.
    I was the odd kid into Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, James Taylor, oldies/Motown, musicals, The Who and other classic rock. Rarely got into contemporary music until I discovered Radiohead and Green Day. Here's a cross-section of my musical upbringing: WHAT MY CHILDHOOD SOUNDED LIKE
  5. I dated a guy in college who was obsessed with The Beatles.
    I mean OBSESSED. I read all 6 of his books about them, so I'm a wealth of random trivia and information about songs, history, etc. We would listen to them, Radiohead, and Neil Young non-stop.
  6. I listened to Love as soon as the album came out, almost 10 years before I saw the show.
    This (and the two following) helped me to appreciate the songs themselves, as they transformed into something more (medleys, combinations, layering one atop the other, etc.). It really was "Love," in that one could hear the care and respect that went into creating this piece. You could see it in the performance as well.
  7. John Pizzarelli's "Meets The Beatles" was one of my favorites growing up.
    I know people hate covers, but if they're done well, it's an homage and tribute to something you can really tell the artist cares about. These jazzy arrangements were so different than the originals, so the lyrics stood out boldly. Again, deeper appreciation. Link to my favorite Beatles covers list: TOP 30 NON BEATLES "THE BEATLES" SONGS
  8. DJ Danger Mouse: "The Grey Album."
    Mash-up of Jay-Z's "Black Album" with the "White Album." Not a perfect project by any means, but so fun and such a good idea! Hard not to be impressed with the execution of such a behemoth undertaking.
  9. Harry Nilsson.
    My favorite singer of all time. Was one of the Beatles influences - and was influenced by them. He was great friends with John and Ringo, and collaborated on many an album (AND THE POINT!!!) with them. Makes me love them even more!
  10. The movies.
    Oh... The movies. Yellow Submarine forever.
  11. Their post-Beatles work.
    All 4 of them! Link to my favorite post-Fab Four songs: TOP 15 NON "THE BEATLES" BEATLES SONGS
  12. I wish I had a comprehensive list of the process by which I became such a huge fan,
    But I don't. It's like it was embedded in my DNA. People who say they don't like the Beatles... I'm convinced they just want to be iconoclastic and controversial. No one means that. And if you pick the Stones over the Beatles, I will never truly, sincerely respect you as a human being. Eh... I might. But it'll be hard.