Hm.... All of this is off the top of my head. If I think about these too hard, my brain will explode.
  1. PAST:
  2. "Think About Your Troubles" - Harry Nilsson
    The Point
  3. "One Hand, One Heart" - West Side Story
  4. "Chain" - Fleetwood Mac
  6. "Do It Again" - Robyn & Royksopp
    From last year, but re-listening a lot.
  7. "Amelie" - Carney
    Also from a few years back, but hung out with one of the Carney brothers last night and have been replaying the album. Sooooo good.
  8. "Pretty Pimpin'" - Kurt Vile
    b'lieve i'm going down. Going on my best of 2015 list FOR SURE.
  9. FUTURE:
  10. "Goodbye" - Adele
    Off the 29 album
  11. "What Do You Mean?" (cover) - Justin Bieber's illegitimate son, ft. T Pain
    Produced by Usher
  12. "Gimme Shelter" (live from Toronto) - The Rolling Stones
    "Goodbye Tour" 2027