Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Here goes:
  2. Dr. Woo is a really famous tattoo artist in LA who I have (purposely?) neglected to follow despite years of knowing his work. @_dr_woo_
    Maybe because it's all so fine that I just know it'll become a smudge in a couple years. Like his series of dog knuckle tattoos. They are AMAZING, but simply could not last more than maybe 4 months without getting fuzzy (in my estimation).
  3. X2 because yeah, I post a lot of tattoo pics.
  4. Killer makeup, but... Why? @nikkilipstick
  5. Ok, this one is actually pretty cool. I think I took a storm cloud picture once? 8 months ago? Maybe? @natureandsweetness
  6. Yes, but why in Melbourne? @davidbowieis_inmelbourne
  7. Who is this? @coreygraymusic
  8. Ew. Caption: "bridesmaids forever. It's a choice... K?" Ew again, for emphasis. @therealsavannah
  9. This is probably because of my connection with @elixirspecialtycoffee (which if you haven't had it, do). Aside from that, I don't drink coffee. @abraco_espresso
  10. Fuck you, Giants. But you're pretty ok, SF. You can stay. @jude_allen
  11. This bitch gets its own list.
  12. That's it!