I have a very large kitchen with a very large array of culinary accoutrements. Many of which I understand and have used: The apple corer, the apple slicer, the hard boiled egg cutter, the poaching cups, the egg brushes, the melon baller, the reamer, the baster, the sifter, the grinder, the bacon press, etc. These guys: no idea.
  1. This thing
    My brother made a pizza on it last night. My best guess is: bear trap.
  2. Toothy grin guy
    Upon further inspection (and considering the cute design), this is probably for easy removal of corn from the cob. Well done, me!
  3. Scissors of doom
    I used this once on cilantro for guacamole when I was too lazy to use a knife like a normal person. Maybe that's what it's for??
  4. Strainer thing?
    No clue. It's so tiny!
  5. Whatever the fuck
    I have two of these. Maybe a zester but for when you want those pretty long strands of zest as garnish??
  6. Cube cutter
    For cheese, presumably.
  7. Shockingly, that's not all of it. Any ideas, folks??