@Nicholas and I hung out this morning. He told me not to make this list. But I did.
  1. I slept in and then my car needed a jump so I was 30 minutes late.
    I think we're still friends but I'm not entirely sure.
  2. We had a lovely hike in Griffith Park.
    Sorry no pictures, I was too busy being out of shape.
  3. (Nicky has really nice calves)
  4. We went to Cafe 101.
    I don't know if I'm capable of not going to 101 after a Griffith Park hike.
  5. I got hot chocolate.
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    (Against his advice, after he called me fat, before he added 25lb to my weight)
  6. We talked about the List App.
    I learned a couple cool features, raved about how awesome this app is, and told him some of my favorite listers. I asked him to relist everything I post so that I can become @john's best friend. He told me all about how much he hates his miserable job and can't wait for an excuse to leave. Poor guy.
  7. We got distracted.
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  8. We got more distracted.
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    Is she feeding him? About to slap him? Pet him? What is going on??
  9. We offered helpful and insightful feedback.
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    Our next meal there should definitely be on the house.
  10. Nicky is fucking rad.
    I'm sorry I was late; it's always so lovely to see you and catch up, and what y'all are doing here is truly amazing and I hope you're very proud.