This is a very "me"-centric list kinda day.
  1. Trumbawesome (the inspiration for this list)
  2. Banana
  3. Variations on Banana
    Nanners, Bananners, Banananna.
  4. Nannoo
    My childhood friend and I added "oos" to everything. Momoo. Ginoo.
  5. Tromboner
    Nickname from band camp. "I'm getting French horny!"
  6. Annaconda
  7. Amphetamine
    From that Everclear song where the gal's name wasn't even Anna.
  8. Trumbelina
  9. Belchy McBelcherson
  10. Trim Niño
    My rap name. Awesome autocorrect for something Trumbo-related.
  11. Troombo
    Annoyed the shit out of me.
  12. Trumbinator
  13. Trumbadour
    I made up as a nickname for the Troubadour, one of my favorite venues in LA. No one thinks this is as awesome as I do.
  14. Polite Witch
  15. Trouble
    My ex called me that from day 1. I was in his phone as "Anna Trouble."
  16. "My little anal bead."
    Also, Anal Anna. Please don't let this fool you. I am not a fan.
  17. @mallofamanda, this is why I'm not going to post about how adorable I am. I can only be so self-centered in one day.