A list-letter for a friend.
  1. He beats you.
  2. He was banned from not one, not two, but three of your places of employment.
  3. He frightens your friends.
  4. He went down on a stripper,
    Then kissed you, and yelled at you when you accused him of TASTING LIKE ANOTHER WOMAN. Then he went and brushed his teeth, and shrugged it off, like "what? I just wanted to brush my teeth."
  5. He's raped you.
    A lot of times.
  6. I had a dream that he raped me.
    A really scary dream that I'm afraid to tell you about.
  7. He fucks you with a knife to your throat.
    I guess you're holding one of those yourself, but whatever.
  8. He's so into anal sex that you own an anal stretcher (whatever that is),
    And you once couldn't come in to work because you could barely walk/control your bodily functions. Under different circumstances, that would be hilarious. But considering a lot of it wasn't consensual, not so funny.
  9. He beats you.
  10. He's pulled a gun on your roommates.
    Barging into their (locked) rooms in the middle of the night to shout at them and bodily throw them outside.
  11. He once chased you down the street with a gun.
    Same night. You had to hide between parked cars until one of your roommates could drive by and swing open the passenger side door so you could jump in.
  12. He periodically sells your shit/throws it away.
  13. He has kicked you out of the house, leaving you to sleep outside on the front porch.
  14. You finally moved out,
    But you immediately gave him your address.
  15. He wouldn't leave your apartment for 4 days.
    He locked himself in your bathroom and made your humiliate yourself by asking to use your neighbor's bathroom under some false pretense. After you hadn't peed all day.
  16. He broke your TV, ripped your couch, and cracked your vanity.
  17. He beats you.
  18. He doesn't actually have a job,
    But he "does things." Like.... Living off of your hard-earned money.
  19. He went to Vegas with the money you use to support him.
    And broke up with you over the phone on the drive out.
  20. In the same conversation, he told you that he'd taken your dogs.
    He told you (over the phone, while you were at work) that he'd driven them to his ex's (who he was fucking) and that you'd never get to see them again. You had a panic attack and a serious episode (remember? You have a bad heart?).
  21. It was a lie.
    You came home, and there they - and he - were. He'd never even gone to Vegas. He was mentally torturing you. For fun.
  22. He screamed outside your apartment until 4 in the morning, you were scared for your life.
    He woke up all of your neighbors, humiliating you further.
  23. You woke up to a pile of human shit in the hallway, and fecal smears in the shape of hearts all over your door and the walls.
  24. You've gotten three restraining orders against him.
  25. He controls the way you dress.
  26. He calls me when he's mad at you, to try and get me on your side.
  28. I don't want to wake up to this headline:
    Man brutally murders girlfriend, takes own life.
  29. I don't want to cry at your funeral.
    I know you don't think you have a long life-expectancy, and you like to "burn bright." That won't make me miss you less.
  30. I don't judge you,
    I will never judge you.
  31. I need you.
    You've been my anchor and I've been yours.
  32. I love you.
    And I am always here.
  33. Please leave him.