Thanks for the inspiration, @stars. You are absolutely right.
  1. I'm so rude.
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  2. Oh you wanted to read those?
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  3. Oh you wanted to stand up?
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  4. Oh you wanted to get some work done?
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    I'd rather you not.
  5. Oh you wanted to eat a pomegranate in bed without my judgmental gaze?
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    You're a goddamned slob.
  6. Oh you wanted to use those arms?
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  7. Oh you wanted to sleep?
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    It's interfering with my prayer time.
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  9. -wait that feels kinda nice.
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  10. I'll just nap on top of you now.
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  11. Fuck you, I'm a model.
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  12. I have many important model people to meet.
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  13. I'm going to shoot a hair commercial because look at me, I am a model.
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  14. Lots of important model places to be,
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    But I guess I can sit on your lap a little bit longer.
  15. Ok, hello sister.
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    I will allow you to lie there because you look fashionable on me.
  16. Um... That's quite the grip you've got with your tail, there.
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  18. I'm so young and spry and bendy.
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  19. You'll never be so bendy.
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  20. Fear my laser eyes, mortals.
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  21. These other cats do not fear them,
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    But they should fear them.
  22. Did you forget how fat you're getting?
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    I'll give you a little squeeze to help you remember.
  23. I will actively NOT kill beetles for you.
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    Ok so that's Norma, but he was sitting right behind her.
  24. I am so much prettier than you will ever be.
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  25. I mean, just look me.
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    Actually, go get some sunglasses first.
  26. Because you are not as pretty-
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    I will cover your face to hide your shame.
  27. Is something interesting happening? That isn't about me?
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    I give zero fucks.
  28. I
    Dddbe88f 27a3 46b2 8baf 33b50e87c070
  29. WILL
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  30. MURDER
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  31. YOU
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  32. I am no man's plaything!
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  33. Oh, but... Warm snuggles.
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    You'll live another day, asshole.
  34. BOOB
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  35. IS
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  36. MINE
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  37. Should I have stopped the evil man from taking a really gross close-up of you?
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    Oops! Sorry.
  38. I will aggressively clash with your bras and your torso.
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  39. Anything you can do,
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    I can do better.
  40. I can do anything
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    Better than you.
  41. Did you enjoy not having what looks like a giant turd coming out of your pattootie?
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    Too damn bad.
  42. Did you want to change the channel?
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    Fuck you.
  43. I'm a Republican.
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  44. DON'T
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  45. LOOK
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  46. AWAY.
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