Is it impolite to do this after every Bumble date I go on? I sound so judgmental.
  1. Pro:
    I parked really far away from his place and he (unasked) walked over to meet me and escort me through a not very nice neighborhood.
  2. Pro:
    Very cute. I know that's not the most important thing but it's always a factor.
  3. Pro:
    VERY tall. I will totally date shorter guys, but as a person who is quite tall myself, it's definitely a bonus.
  4. Pro:
    Tattoos on his arms. His reeeeally nice arms.
  5. Con:
    He was boring. Like texting with @Nicholas while homie was in the bathroom because I was about to fall asleep and Nicky is (typically) interesting and I didn't want to be THAT rude type of boring. 💤 on a first date - not kind.
  6. Pro:
    But! He loosened up after drink #2 and the conversation got much easier/more engaging.
  7. Con:
    He's a bit of an eager beaver. Every other sentence out of my mouth was met with: "oh my god you're perfect. Marry me."
  8. Con:
    Building off the above, I have a bit of a Daisy Buchanan complex and he fits that pattern. I'm a feminine gal (dresses, the works) but I love beer, baseball, Star Wars, and generally fit the "cool girl" mold. At first. In the past, I've dated guys who got infatuated and put me on this pedestal, until they got to know me better and I ended up disappointing them. The "once I really see you, I don't want you" makes me feel insubstantial, superficial, and a lot like Daisy. Who fucking sucks.
  9. Pro:
    He took me out to a delicious (pricy) dinner and paid. Also unasked for. I'm not old fashioned at all so I hate to admit this, but I kinda like that on a first date. So sue me.
  10. Con:
    He hates his job and would not stop bitching. Probably means he'd complain consistently, which would become infuriating.
  11. Pro:
    He has a motorcycle. I like motorcycles.
  12. Con:
    Too forthcoming with compliments. To the point where I got a little uncomfortable.
  13. Con:
    Deleted Bumble after the first date because "he had already met me."
  14. Con:
    I could tell he wouldn't challenge me. And I 100% require that.
  15. Con:
    I don't know about you, but I can usually tell how someone is going to be in bed right off the bat. And it's not that I think he'd be bad, I just got the sense that we wouldn't "boom boom huck jam" well together. I'd guess he would be on the more submissive side. And probably a bit too "white bread" for me.
  16. Con:
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  17. Ultimately:
    Honestly... He's nice and smart (enough) and seems like a great guy. It was, overall, a very good date. But when I'm really into a guy, there's something there from moment one (sometimes strong, sometimes subtle), and it just wasn't with him. Second date probably shouldn't occur... Unless I tell him "just friends" and he's cool with hanging. But he was all about it, so he'd probably keep hoping for more.