Unfortunately, few of these are German-centric. Or fortunately. Who knows?
  1. Jäger shotski
    It's four shots of jäger. In a ski. See 24 PROJECT VOL. 1 18:15 and 22:15 for photos.
  2. I had to wear a dirndl for 5 concurrent Saturdays.
    See the above list.
  3. The Kings of Prussia
    Our Oktoberfest band. When they ran out of traditional songs, they played "99 Luftballons" and I danced. In a manner described as "full retard" by the German musicians. My inspiration for your de-stressor, Chris. It was very de-stressing.
  4. Sleeping beauty
    A young woman threw up in our bathrooms twice. And fell asleep at her table. Twice. She was asked to leave. We got two scathing Yelp reviews from her friends.
  5. The steak
    A regular brought me a monstrously large steak that he bought for me at a nearby butcher shop. He marinated it himself. It was delicious.
  6. Burgundy Skies
    Our resident funk band allowing me onstage to sing the rap portion of Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison." 4 times.
  7. DJ Herr Wolfmann
    I wanted him to go by DJ Morgen Latte. It means "morning wood."
  8. Wes
    I had to carry my boss' blacked-out 280lb. brother up a flight of stairs and into an uber. So I guess I didn't see it, but a lot of other people did, and apparently it was hilarious. And impressive!
  9. The Kings of Prussia pt. 2
    Have you seen a German conga line? If not, you haven't lived.
  10. The owner's girlfriend having a pillow fight on top of the bar with her homegirl at 4:00am. In lingerie.
  11. Truth or Dare Jenga
    A table of Arts Center kids wrote ToDs on each wooden piece, and played accordingly. I was bought a shot, was kissed, had my hair braided, and overheard many, many inappropriate outbursts.
  12. Halloween
    I was Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and one of my regulars deep-throated one of my tentacles.
  13. Weihenstephaner
    A 21-year-old couldn't pronounce it, so he ordered the Gwen Stefani.