Inspired by @franksars and anyone else who has woken up frightened and disoriented with most of the night missing from their memory. (@aus10)
  1. Night number 1: at a Halloween warehouse party in Burbank.
    Thrown by a friend of the guy I was seeing, and really, REALLY liked.
  2. I didn't wear a costume so much as just dressed up super witchy/goth.
  3. I was nervous because I knew only 3 or 4 people there and wasn't quite as outgoing as I am now.
  4. To my surprise, however, I had a blast and everyone was easy to talk to, approachable, and welcoming.
    I guess they were psyched that Tim (my guy) was dating someone nice.
  5. There were several rooms, including a kitchen-type area in the back with two refrigerators and a bunch of coolers.
    I wasn't drinking much, so only found myself back there twice.
  6. I had driven Tim's car that night so as a responsible DD, I walked in, had a shot and a beer, but drank only water after that.
  7. Last thing I remember is standing outside the building, holding this girl Kim's hand. I know I was feeling kind foggy, but nothing intense.
    I think we were waiting for her cab.
  8. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in my bed, fully clothed, right down to my black combat boots.
    I was covered in dried vomit, and my car was missing.
  9. Turns out right after Kim left, I threw up violently and without any sort of regard for keeping myself unbespattered.
  10. Tim, who luckily wasn't that drunk, carried me to his car and took me back to his place (where my car was). Apparently I threw up in his car as well, and was utterly unresponsive.
  11. He couldn't get me into his house - I guess I was lying on the grass in his front yard crying silently, and wouldn't move.
  12. So he drove me home and he and my roommate put me in bed.
  13. Night number 2: at the Satellite in Silverlake, seeing Zammuto.
    I was so excited, and we had plans to hang with them after the show.
  14. I was there with the aforementioned then ex-roommate (my best friend Chris), his girlfriend Mary, and two really close guy friends, Adam and Kevin.
  15. Same as before, I had a shot and a beer. I ordered another beer and had a couple sips. This is where things get blurry.
  16. The last thing I remember is running into an old friend who had "lightly stalked" me 5-6 years prior. Nothing threatening or scary, just an unhealthy fixation that ended with a mature conversation.
    I was sincerely happy to see him; after all, we had been friends before. I hadn't seen him since, so it was really nice. He also knew Chris, so it was all very friendly.
  17. The rest is all secondhand. The band started and I was standing next to Adam, dancing.
  18. He turned around to tell me something, looked back at the stage, and when I didn't respond, he turned around again to see me crumpled on the floor. Luckily, I had set the beer down somewhere.
    "It was like you were a marionette and someone cut your strings."
  19. I was carried outside and laid on the sidewalk while my best friend called 911.
    He rode in the ambulance with me and cried. Apparently I yakked and the paramedic said "smells like Wild Turkey." Good nose, buddy.
  20. Mary and Kevin followed the ambulance to the ER and stayed with me until I came to.
    They just stuck an IV in me and waited it out.
  21. Sidebar: the ER people we fucking dicks and treated me like a dumb idiot who drank too much.
    They refused my request to be drug tested, and handed me a pamphlet on alcohol abuse.
  22. You know how when your car gets broken into and nothing gets stolen?
    And you're pissed off, like: you busted my window and didn't even take anything??!! What the fuck?
  23. So please don't misinterpret this: I thank my lucky stars that nothing bad happened to me post-drugging.
  24. But dude... Why roofie a gal when she's with her man?
  25. Why roofie a gal when she's with four people?
  27. You're not going to get lucky.
  28. You're going to piss me off and land me a $1,000+ ER/ambulance bill.
  29. Chances are it was my ex-stalker who drugged me, but I don't want to believe that... Doesn't really matter.
  30. What matters is that 2 people have poisoned me and have probably done the same to other women.
    Some of whom may not have been as lucky as I was.
  31. They are cowards. Slimy, icky, pieces of shit who need to manufacture opportunities with women (and possibly men) for intimacy.
  32. I can think of almost no one lower.