Requested by @ChrisK. It is pretty long.
  1. Anna
    "Anna and the King." Or more specifically, the musical version: "The King and I." My parents both loved this movie (as did I, as a child). "Hello Young Lovers" got me into several musical BFA programs. I used to hate my name and now I love it - I love that it's not a very common name, and that it's the same in many languages. A lot of people insist on calling me "Ah-na," but I don't mind. (Pro-tip: "Ah-nas" hate being called "Anna" [hard to use phonetic spelling with an iPhone keyboard].)
  2. Katharine
    A great-aunt (or something), and Katharine Hepburn (who had my birthday). Not Katherine, Catherine, or Kathryn. Not many Katharines. For years I thought my first name was Anna-Katharine, and even though I now know it's not, I tell people it is because I like that story better. "My first name is hyphenated, but I only use Anna." I had some regulars at my bar call me "hyphenated" for a year.
  3. Raiguel
    My mom's last name. The deal was: the first born would be "Raiguel Trumbo," and the second would be "Trumbo Raiguel." Partly to be fair (very forward thinking family), and partly because there were almost no Raiguels left (my aunt didn't have any children) so it was important to my mom that the name live on. No one says or spells it right (my brother has 8 sports trophies with incorrect spellings). "Ray-gyu-el." My mother's name is gorgeous: "Faith Estelle Raiguel."
  4. Trumbo
    French, originally "Trumbeau." Been in America for centuries, stemming from three brothers in Philadelphia. All Trumbos in America are related by blood or marriage (this includes Dalton Trumbo and Mark Trumbo of the Mariners). My favorite of my names, as I've stated before. A lot of people call me Trumbo. There were knock-down blow-out fights between my ex and me about whether or not I'd change my last name when we got married. Who would get rid of Trumbo?? Mom kept Raiguel, I'm keeping Trumbo.
  5. In 2008, I joined the wave of people putting "Hussein" as their middle name on Facebook (to celebrate Obama's presidential win).
    But I didn't change it back for like... 3 years. By the point, I was no longer the only Anna Trumbo on Facebook, which made me irrationally furious. Hence, "Anna Katharine Raiguel Trumbo."
  6. Some drunk guy at a bar kept calling my cousins and me "the Trumbao girls."
    Have you ever had five 5'9"-5'11" women fix you with death-glares? He visibly withered.
  7. I really like my name.
    Thank you, @ChrisK!