Yes she's a baby. But she's a source of sage, sharp-toothed badassery. If only we could be so articulate.
  1. Gack!
    "Look at that mysterious figure emerging from the fog!"
  2. Oh!
    "What a terrible place! I don't want to live there at all!"
  3. Yeeka!
    "How interesting!"
  4. Gibbo!
    "And I could have lots of things to bite!"
  5. Book?
    "Would somebody please wipe my face?"
  6. Wipi!
    "I'd much prefer gardening to sitting around watching my siblings struggle through law books!"
  7. Odo yow! Jook! No! No! No! Hux! Poko! Neepo! Cake! Cake!
    Not a clue. Although I'm pretty sure "neepo" meant "fuck you."