My self-indulgent list of talents on a day when I'm feeling a bit useless.
  1. Eye makeup.
    Strong game.
  2. Singing.
  3. Rock climbing.
  4. Braiding.
    This is what I do when I go out to bars. Braid a strange woman's hair. She actually was pretty sweet and normal, but definitely a stranger.
  5. Memorizing.
    I loved to be read to sleep, and I loved hearing the same stories. My dad would sometimes nod off while reading but he'd start talking nonsense. I would wake him up and say, "no, daddy. That's not how it goes." I was 2.
  6. Making dinner out of whatever is left in the fridge.
    Top ramen noodles (no flavor packet), miso powder, arugula (1/2 of which you need to throw away, the other 1/2 is questionable but hey, you're cooking it), the last egg, the last two frozen dumplings from Trader Joe's that are covered in frost and possibly fossilized. Legitimately delicious soup.
  7. Being depressed.
  8. Being manic.
  9. Shutting it all down.
  10. Bringing it all back.
    That's where I am today. Pushing back into the world (I hope). Focusing on being proud that these cycles now last days instead of months. Hoping they get shorter and shorter until they're gone.