Inspired by @theranman
  1. "So..." At the beginning of sentences.
    Drives me fucking nuts.
  2. "Babe"
    I call everyone babe. I actually don't mind doing this, I think it's cute. I just do it a lot.
  3. "Dude..." When about to say something emphatically.
  4. "D'ya know what I mean?"
    You probably do.
  5. "You gorgeous creature!"
    When you do something that makes me happy.
  6. "Aaaaaaww!" Upon receiving a compliment.
    I don't really know how to respond appropriately. "Thank you" seems vain. A return compliment seems insincere. What do you do?
  7. "She/he can suck my big, fat cock."
  8. "Danger Zone."
  9. "Damn dog... Inapprops."
    Actually, every quote from Archer. Ever.
  10. "Mankind." Defaulting to "him/he/his" when giving examples. Shit like that.
    I'm actively working on changing this. And I'm getting better.
  11. "Hey guys!"
    I have cut down on that immensely. I resort to "folks." It's a little nerdy, but preferable. "Y'all" sounds unnatural on me.
  12. "Girl" instead of "woman."
    To be fair! I say "boy" instead of "man" a lot.
  13. "Sorry."
    I know. I know. I'm really fucking good at asserting myself, but I still do this.
  14. "I can do that!"
    Really, Trumbo? You can? You have that much free time?