Professional liar
  1. I've been to 41 states.
    Alaska will be my (and my father's) 50th. We're going together.
  2. I was featured on a KTLA news segment about money-smart kids when I was 8.
    My 5 year old brother and I were given $10 each and subsequently followed around as he bought a Hot Wheels car and I put my money into a bank account. Spoiler: totally scripted.
  3. I got to be on Barney & Friends when I was 5.
    It was the highlight of my life. To date.
  4. My brother and I were on a Hawaii post-card.
    I was 6, he was 3 or 4. There's a red macaw on my shoulder and a blue one in my arms. Tommy was supposed to hold the blue one but he got scared and cried. He still looks pretty wary in that photo.