Playing into the whole "I am a gay man" thing.
  1. Here's the thing about Star Wars...
    Bitch, I know.
  2. Yeah, but you shouldn't have felt guilty.
    Bitch, don't tell me how I SHOULD feel.
  3. Just give it a chance, you probably just haven't had GOOD bourbon.
    Bitch, I don't like whiskey. Get me a fucking vodka martini.
  4. "Weihen" and "wein" essentially refer to wheat with regards to beer. They can be used somewhat interchangeably.
    Bitch, I know. I trained you at this German bar.
  5. "EI" is a hard "I" sound, but "IE" is an "eeee" sound.
    BITCH, I KNOW!! German!
  6. Basically every day.
    Trumbo is a bossy bitch.