*to my other home, New York.
  1. Hey! We're gross! We're on a plane! One of us got 2 hours of sleep last night! We most certainly did not shovel German chocolate cake into our mouths using our fingers in line for security!
  2. Hi Miles!!
    Miles was VERY excited to see us.
  3. He wanted to show me "us in Silverlake!"
  4. But then: "eww, that's terrible!"
    (In reference to our cheese and salami breath) as he ran away.
  5. This is an Ewok Nikki made "but she made it wrong."
    I don't know, Miles. That looks pretty good to me. (For someone who has never seen Star Wars)
  6. "With the Jabba the Hut part, he made Leia take off her clothes."
    "Really? She wasn't wearing anything?" "Well, she was wearing a bikini with a skirt but nothing else! That's not very nice!"
  7. "No! Not Optimus! I'm Chase, the police one!"
    This is actually super impressive when you consider he hasn't added the legs yet. Particularly fond of the milk carton gloves.
  8. We made Lego creations.
    "This is a ship that sits on the ocean floor and people being chased by sharks go inside so the sharks can't get in and then a big boat pulls them up by sucking them up so the sharks can't eat them and it's also Chase the police transformer." "That's super thoughtful of you, Miles." "I know."
  9. Mommy reading "When the Crayons Came Home."
    Actually a really funny book.
  10. I read him: "Rosie Revere, Engineer."
    "I can learn a lot from this book. Please read it again." Also, "what's a hickey?" Um... "You mean doohickey?" "Yes. What's a hickey?"
  11. "This is a long book."
    -me, halfway through. Laughter from Maddie and Nikki.
  12. "What did you say? Why is that funny?"
    "No reason. Hush."
  13. Bedtime.
    "I couldn't ask for a better mommy."
  14. Cheese: from flat to 2nd trimester in 25 minutes flat.
  15. Then Maddie brought a glass of water to my bedside and Nikki literally tucked me in.
  16. Not a bad first night. Not at all.