Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Born in Los Feliz.
  2. Home of my favorite bridge:
    The Shakespeare Bridge! Yes, it's tiny! And adorable! Suck it, Golden Gate!
  3. When I was 2, we moved to Silverlake.
    My house is in the bottom middle of the shot!
  4. It's just so pretty... You can see the Hollywood sign and the observatory in the background!
  5. And while I've lived other places, there was one more where I really felt like I "grew up."
  6. Idyllwild!
    Here it is!
  7. This is where I lived.
  8. These are things we did where I lived.
    I didn't do that. But I could! No. I can't.
  9. And now I'm back in Silverlake.
    I love it here.
  10. I also can be found in Los Feliz, which is also awesome.
  11. I am a lucky, lucky lady.
  12. Trumbo out!
  13. (Gotta take photos of my shoes for @michael_circa91)