Yeah, yeah, I've been called out by @p (PEOPLE I FEEL I CAN COUNT ON), @dad3 ( @Lisa_Fav, @LeahG, and a bunch of other lovely folks. Here's the inside scoop.
  1. I work long shifts. 8-12 hours. And it's hard to go through all of them when you get that far behind.
  2. So I procrastinate.
  3. And I miss drama. And many other things.
  4. People text/call: "omg, did you see her/his list?? Holy shitsnacks."
    No. I haven't seen it. Thanks for making me feel like a douche-nozzle.
  5. I work my way from 6 days down to 5. Then, I, you know, sleep. When I wake up, I'm back up to 6 days.
  6. THEN, I spend a Friday afternoon going back over 1 week. It takes over 4 hours.
    Yup. I said 2 hours in the title. That was a lie.
  7. I have the option of just NOT getting to the bottom of my feed, I'm aware of this.
    But I gotta. I just gotta.
  8. @franksars @HisDudeness know that I am sometimes guilty of liking without reading.
  9. @ChrisK actually wrote a list verbally describing in great detail my last 10 Instagram posts. I liked and didn't read. Called. The heck. Out.
  10. @dfly now knows that I often save his lists to read later.
    But I still like them before reading.
  11. I have relists turned off for almost every single person I follow.
  12. I use the mute button.
    Shady, I know, but I hate unfollowing people unless they really suck.
  13. Still! It's just too much.
  14. I love all you freaking lunatic monsters and can't bear to miss a single list, even if it means I'm late with viral list requests/open lists/other hullabaloo.
  15. But!
  16. This means that every so often, you'll get a flood of "@saytrumbo liked your list!" notifications and it'll make you smile.
    I hope. Maybe it'll creep you out, but whatever, I don't really care.
  17. Kinda hurt that no one has been concerned by my occasional several-day absences and inquired as to my whereabouts, but hey. No big deal.
    It's not like I was trying to hold off listing until someone pleaded for my return, because I totally wasn't.
  18. So.
  19. Yeah.
  20. ....
  21. Um.........
  22. Giphy