Gay shit that my husband does

I love my husband, and I love gay people. Maybe that's why I love my husband so much.
  1. Makes his own sparkling water
    Because regular soda water has high fructose corn syrup
  2. Uses hairspray
    I don't even own my own hairspray. I just use his the very few times I need it.
  3. Sits down on the toilet to pee
    No explanation needed here.
  4. Makes his own "cappuccinos" every morning
    Which aren't really even cappuccinos, it's just regular coffee with frothy milk. Even though he has a real cappuccino machine.
  5. Wears a knee length robe around the house ALL the time
    He'll even walk the dogs in the neighborhood in said robe. The first one he had was burgundy- he bought it for me but it was too big so he wore it- for 7 years until I told him he had to buy a new one, so then he bought a grey robe, which was STILL knee length.
  6. Wears an apron to cook
    That has his name embroidered in it.
  7. Watches the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and LOVES them
    I never watched them until we started dating and then he made me.
  8. Openly admits that his favorite movie is The Notebook
    He really likes Ryan Gosling
  9. Uses a steamer to get the wrinkles out of his clothes every morning before work
    To be fair, he does also steam all my clothes so I can't complain.
  10. The only social media platform he uses is LinkedIn
    But never Facebook.
  11. Uses ramekins for his condiments
    He won't just squirt his ketchup on his plate like normal people.
  12. Acts like a character from a sitcom in regular life situations
    Thinks he's Barney, but is really Ted.
  13. Uses ... In both the written and spoken word
    He'll even voice to text dot dot dot.