Many, if not all the things I design I loved putting together. Here are just a few that stood out from them.
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    My personal logo, a never ending line of hustle.
  2. Quit Quittin'
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    A stamp of life. Word I live by and sharing my concepts of life on apparel and stickers.. I guess.
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    A logo created in packaging class, while attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising(FIDM). Some day you'll be opening one up soon.
  4. Hamamoto Garden
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    Design I put together for the family over at Hamamoto Gardens packaging their homegrown coffee beans as they introduce it to the world!
  5. Competidor Brand
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    A concept design I put together for the friends over at Competidor Brand as they prepare for their long awaited return to the game. USE YOUR SOUL !
  6. Krazy Bee x Spike 22 Guam
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    One of the first design I ever put together was collaboration put together with MMA icon Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto and hometown gym Spike 22 celebrating decade of friendship. Couldn't have felt more blessed to have put this together, KID being one of my all time favorite fighters till this day.