I ate there
  1. Eggslut
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    ask for the Fairfax, faves!
  2. Golden State Cafe
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    Found on the Block, you can never go wrong with the Burger.
  3. Free Range Chicken
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    A foodtruck serving heat, these guys hold it down with the chicken sandwiches serving all of Los Angeles.
  4. Ramen Champ
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    Best nights are on the weekends, but when you crave for that ramen, there's no stoping.
  5. Quarters
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    Korean BBQ, that is all
  6. Pokinometry
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    On the deck of Hollywood ! Cooling off with a fresh poki bowl, watching tourist taking selfies with stars!
  7. Urth Caffé
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    Hipster status! Classy or not I dove right in on the Chicken Curry Sandwich, of course I got the full sandwich washing it down with a ice cold tea. (moms going in with the Tabasco)