The only list that I NEED to make
  1. Jan's eyes
  2. All time favorite out-of-context gif.
  3. Kelly as Bridget Jones: "I like ice cream. I need a boyfriend." Kevin: "I like ice cream too, mate. Dingo babies"
  4. When Andy says "we won't let you down" and Michael says "you can't because I don't care"
  5. When Karen and Jim are looking for her favorite chips and Andy says "did you check your butt?"
  6. Scream. Slap. Run.
  7. When Pam puts Creed's clients on the phone with each other.
    Actually any time Pam pretends she's doing something on the phone like clearing the phone lines "bleep bloop bleep all clear"
  8. Can't leave out this classic.
  9. Gaydar
  10. Michael: "May God guide you in your search." David Wallace:"......yes."
  11. Pam booing Ryan when he's on the horse