This is my strictly Halloween list. Mostly in chronological order. Some years forgotten/ went un celebrated. Others have multiple costumes.
  1. A Sailor
  2. A Sailor Again...
  3. Simba from the Lion King
  4. A Barbie Princess
  5. Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls
  6. Cinderella
  7. An American Girl Doll Hippie
  8. An American Girl Doll Princess
  9. A Cat
  10. A Fairy
  11. The 50s Poodle Skirt
  12. Paris Hilton
  13. Angelina Jolie
  14. A Doll
  15. (No Halloween Sophomore year of High School because Homecoming)
  16. Jenna Marone from 30 Rock
  17. A Nerd
  18. A White Leopard
  19. A Bond Girl
  20. Margot Tennenbaum
  21. Gangstah Meryl Streep
  22. A Bloody Dodger
  23. Andy Warhol