1. A Cooker
    This is what I thought a Chef was called.
  2. An Astronaut
  3. An Actress
    Blame it on Mary-Kate and Ashley!
  4. A Veterinarian
    Only because everyone else wanted to do it.
  5. A Professional Swimmer
  6. An Astronaut
    Round 2.
  7. A Professional Swimmer / Fashion Designer
    Because this seemed plausible.
  8. Fashion Designer
    The odds of me swimming in the Olympics were slim.
  9. The Editor And Chief of Vogue Magazine
    I watched the November Issue and it got me thinking.
  10. A Geneticist
    Tbh I don't even know. I guess I was good at the Punnett squares.
  11. A News Producer
    My mom told me I'd make a good News Producer.
  12. A Reality TV Producer
  13. A Podcast Producer