An Amazing Woman for Every Day of the Week...

An over-enthusiastic (I think I may be incapable of not being over-enthusiastic) list of all the life-changing women who make the weeks a little brighter and the days a little better.
  1. Monday - Malala
    Every day should be Malala day but Monday's in particular because we all get to go back to school/work and remember all the women who DON'T get to do this and then feel grateful that Malala exists and is making our world a better place. I also saw 'He named me Malala' on Monday and may see it again next Monday because it's THAT wonderful. And yes - that is a selfie with Malala. And yes. I did cry afterwards. Thank you for asking.
  2. I didn't think it was going to be possible to love/admire/want to be these two women more than I already did and then @Lenny happened the whole world changed a little bit. I have never been more on top of my emails than I currently am due to obsessive Lenny letter email checking. It is everything and empowering and beautiful and all I believe the Internet can be all rolled into one perfect online entity.
  3. Wednesday - @mindy
    New Mindy Project technically comes out on Tuesday's but if I can exert enough self will I would recommend saving it for Wednesday morning when you're feeling a bit sad because Wednesday's are weird days and the Mindy Project can make you smile in a way nothing else can because Mindy Lahiri is a genius and all of us and none of us all at the same time.
  4. Thursday - @shondarhimes
    BECAUSE THURSDAYS ARE THE BEST DAY. Shonda Rhimes is the only person I've ever met who I burst into tears as soon as I met her. She saved my life. She made my life. She is the most incredible and empowering and wonderful writer/person/WOMAN and one day I will be able to put into words how much Greys Anatomy means to me and then I may be locked away because it will make me sound like an insane person.
  5. Friday - my mum
    Because she sends me the best texts in the whole world and all she wants to do all day is go to puppy shops and touch the puppies and also buy even more pet rabbits even though we definitely already have too many pet rabbits.
  6. Saturday - Taylor Swift
    The only thing that can make me feel brave/confident/WOMAN enough to leave the house on a Saturday is listening to a lot of Taylor Swift very loud while baking and telling myself all will be fine. VERY NORMAL. But also very much works.
  7. Sunday - @leandra and @sophia
    Sunday's are my days for lying in bed and reading Man Repeller and Hello Giggles. Actually every day is my day for reading Man Repeller and Hello Giggles but normally it's on the loo, on the subway or while I'm meant to be doing other things. Sundays I FOCUS. These two women make life light and happiness and bring joy where there isn't any and they are both probably secretly angels who've been planted here to make our lives better.