Greatest Unseen Characters in the History of Tv

Writing this list has made me realise this really is just a device used by TV writers to feature characters of 'comic' weights without showing their bodies. Which has now made me very sad. But still quite a fun list.
  1. Ugly Naked Guy.
    Friends. Ross as ugly naked guys ugly naked friend will always be my favourite.
  2. Stan.
    Will and Grace. Karen's rich husband who was always depicted as being too large to enter the room.
  3. Howard's Mum.
    Big Bang Theory. Hands up if you cried when she died.
  4. Tino.
    My so called life. Slightly different from the others. I secretly always believed Rayanne made never-seen boyfriend Tino up.
  5. Lars.
    Mary Tyler Moore. Phyllis's husband.
  6. Maris Crane.
    Frasier. Too fat, too fat and now too thin. CAN WE NEVER WIN?
  7. Heather Sinclair
    Degrassi, Paige Michaelchuck's worst nemesis.
    Suggested by   @sally
  8. Mr. Kim
    Gilmore Girls. Where is he?? We see Mrs. Kim all the time. Was he even at Lane's wedding? I think about this all time.
    Suggested by   @RachelP
  9. Vera Peterson
    Cheers. Norm's wife. Briefly on screen with pie on her face, but otherwise only heard or referenced. Fun fact: the actress was actually George Wendt's wife
    Suggested by   @mlh
  10. Their mother, HIMYM
    YES I know she is eventually seen, but there are 9 full seasons based on NOT seeing her, so I think it counts
    Suggested by   @rebeccazemel
  11. Charlie Townsend
    The namesake behind Charlie's Angels.
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  12. POTUS from VEEP
    Suggested by   @thatssoayesha
  13. Diane - Twin Peaks
    All those tapes she has to listen to...all those tapes....
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
  14. Bob Sacamano from Seinfeld
    He was Kramer's friend and we never saw him but always heard about the mischief he and Kramer got themselves into 👍🏻
    Suggested by   @hermionegranger
  15. Ms. Bellum
    Basically the only competent person in the Powerpuff Girls government
    Suggested by   @victoriaedel
  16. Carlton the doorman from Rhoda
    Suggested by   @ilinyc