@curtis is my favourite person on here and here are a few reasons why...
  1. Is fucking awesome at the list app.
    He's been making lists for months and yesterday got his first like in 8 lists. He's @curtis which I'm kind of bummed about because that's a way cooler username than mine. Follow him now.
  2. Is the air sex champion of America.
    Ask him. Or request a list. I'm still scarred.
  3. Leaves for Australia tomorrow for 3 months.
  4. Is going to Montreal after Australia to find his one true love.
    They've met once.
  5. Is my best friend.
  6. Took all his clothes off on NYE.
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    And at most parties.
  7. Eats way too much humus.
  8. Is far too nice to me.
  9. Is far too nice to everyone.
  10. Might be the best person you will ever meet.
  11. Once signed a petition to 'Free West Papua' at Lush because he thought he was getting a free hand cream.