My First Apartment

I'm moving out this weekend of my first ever proper on my own apartment. It's the first place I've ever felt truly safe and truly calm (probs since womb?) and I want to document it here for 💕 and memories.
  1. My kitchen wall of motivational quote post-it's.
    The kitchen does slightly resemble the inside of my brain and is fairly intimidating to boys/people who don't know me very well.
  2. Most quotes from books or powems or my best friend @OlParker
  3. Another kitchen wall of pictures to remind myself I'm real and cross stitches I made to remind myself I'm awesome.
  4. A drinks trolley I use as a baking cart because that pretty much summarises my life.
  5. A display shelf also full of flour and sugar and sweets.
  6. A picture of James Franco that my dad bought me for my birthday that always makes me cry a bit/feel deeply known.
  7. A bike I'm not very good at riding. And once someone popped the tires and put dirty underwear in the basket so now she lives at home.
  8. A TV that is smaller than my computer but also my favourite thing.
  9. An old gas station pump full of Virginia Woolf novels.
  10. Some cushions.
  11. Some flowers and a ladder.
  12. Some more pictures from my dad of happiness (throwing dogs) and sadness (rainbow rain).
  13. Some more quotes.
  14. A dog and a bed and some Pom poms.
  15. A mirror for selfies and motivational speeches.
  16. A Christmas tree for spring.
  17. @shondarhimes prayer candles.
  18. A home.
  19. Exciting handles on boring draws
  20. Pom poms and a cupboard
  21. A nice window shelf
  22. From here you can almost see the sea
  23. Family
  24. Friends
  25. Crate shelves I made myself
  26. Lots of Polaroids and more motivation
  27. Sad girl art