1. What are your thoughts on Shonda Rhimes?
  2. When did you read all the books?
  3. Why do you wear sunglasses even inside?
  4. Am I still allowed to say that I love The Great Gatsby and The Bell Jar?
  5. Is it okay that I listen to audiobooks sometimes and then say that I read the book with my eyes?
  6. Is it okay that when I listen to an audiobook I also buy the book and make fake notes in it just in case anyone wants to borrow my books?
  7. Why does no one want to borrow my books?
  8. Why have you never written a book?
  9. Do you still cry when you read sometimes?
  10. Can you still cry or is that why you wear sunglasses?
  11. Why are we doing this?
  12. Who's your favourite writer?
  13. What's your favourite book?
  14. Do you think I'm very impressive because of all the books that I've read?
  15. Am I secretly your favourite student you've ever had?
  16. Am I special?
  17. What's our homework?