Quotes on Feminism from my Little (kick-ass) Brothers.

I've taught them well. Teach your brothers. Teach the world.
  1. "The other day I was watching Orange is the New Black and suddenly I just felt REALLY intimidated..."
    "... Because they were all women and suddenly I realised, this is how Girls feel all the time!" - Charlie, 14.
  2. "The thing is Scar, I understand racism. Like if you say black people are bad, you're just wrong. But the thing with feminism is like..."
    "... Some girls really do just like pink!" - Spike, 12.
  3. "People always say boys don't talk about their emotions..."
    "But me and my friends talk about our emotions ALL THE TIME." - Spike, 12.
  4. "I'm doing a presentation at school about something I really care about..."
    "... And I chose feminism" - Charlie, 12.
  5. "I would love to be a stay at home Dad..."
    "... I basically just want to be Joel from Parenthood." - Charlie, 14.
  6. "I’m sorry for anything bad I say or do. Please keep trying to correct me..."
    "and help me be better. Even when I fight back." - Jake, 18.
  7. "And my work her is done..."
    "...LOL just kidding they got lots more to learn!" - Scarlett, 20.