1. At first I was too scared. That my lists might be bad. Or just lists of why I love the Kardashians.
  2. Then I forgot.
  3. Then I remembered and a cold ice filled my brain because I realised I would not only be bad but I would also be late.
  4. Then I forgot again.
  5. Then I panicked that I would by mistake post my to do lists on here instead of my personal to do lists app. And that everyone would know my first 'to-do' every day is 'remember to be happy'.
  6. Then I decided it was too late. And I was too panicky. And I was going to pretend I'd never received the invite.
  7. Then I forgot again.
  8. Then someone reminded me and I realised it sounded awesome and amazing and I had let my panic and my forgetfulness ruin a potentially amazing thing.
  9. Then I watched one more episode of the Kardashians.
  10. And then I joined...