I came home. I slept in my bedroom. I felt a little odd.
  1. I was super into Lego.
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  2. And organising my craft supplies.
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  3. Apparently I had a whole draw of sugar free cherry jello.
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  4. And lots and lots of books.
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  5. Another draw full of gum and label makers.
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  6. And a secret box filled with handmade knitted toys.
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  7. As an ill person you build up a pyjama collection to rival all others.
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  8. And I had a draw of animal ears which I wore as a disguise.
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  9. I invented an art form I like to call 'self-help pebbles'.
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  10. And kept every birthday card I was ever given to make into little books.
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  11. I had a weird board of pictures of me to remind myself I was a real person.
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  12. And the best candle holders made by my beautiful cousin.
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  13. I spent a lot of time making Jane Austen themed cross stitches.
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  14. And my 9 year old brother made this for my birthday.
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  15. It was all kinda fun. And all kinda weird.
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  16. And now I think this is kinda true.
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