1. To start - it wasn't really proper rehab, just 'day rehab' which meant I went home at night and was allowed to skip days.
  2. I was having a session with the receptionist of the rehab.
    She was also training to be a therapist and was one of my favourite people alive at the time.
  3. She decided it would be fun to do some baking.
    Baking had always been my favourite way to calm down that didn't involve TV and we were both hungry.
  4. We had butter, we had chocolate, she had bought all the ingredients but forgotten one thing...
    Side note: we were making brownies.
  5. The scales!
    We had no scales. Which isn't a big deal in America where everything is easy and wonderful and measured in cups and sticks but IS a BIG deal in England where everything is complicated and unnecessarily hard and measured in grams and litres.
  6. We almost gave up...
    There was nothing that could be done. We weren't allowed to leave and only had an hour left and it looked like we were doomed.
  7. But then we remembered where we were...
  8. And used the scales they used for weighing us when we didn't eat enough instead.
  9. It was a perfectly, painfully, beautiful moment.
    As dark and twisted as what I was going through at the time. But also as weird and funny as everything inevitably is in the end.
  10. And it ended, as all great stories do, with brownies.