'Twas a semester of really opening up and showing people just how bad at controlling emotions I truly am.
  1. When we were learning about colonialism and the pain/racism/evil English people/more pain all just got a bit too much.
  2. When my English lit professor asked me if I wanted him to recommend a doctor that I could see and I thought he meant a therapy doctor so I got super teary with the kindness.
    He actually meant a real doctor because I'd been sick the week before and then it got super awkward and odd.
  3. When we were reading about the UVA rape articles.
  4. When I tried to explain to my teacher why I've realised at the end of this semester that I am not and never will be a real journalist because I only really wanna write personal stuff.
    As you may have noticed from the content of this list.
  5. When I was worried I'd picked the wrong subject for my research paper.
  6. When my development studies teacher's best friend was assassinated by the Chinese government for trying to make things better in the world.
  7. When I got very overwhelmed by the idea that it might not actually be possible to fix global poverty or save the world.
    I've since revised this thought.
  8. When Ben from my journalism class finally came to our lessons dressed as their true gender and looked amazing.
    This was a big one.